Modern history has been shaped and directed by dynamic, engaging, and convincing speakers. The most brilliant, moving, or visionary message however, can be weakened or lost completely, if not delivered in a clear, compelling and dramatic way. 

With practice, the use of dramatic pause, key word emphasis and vocal "variety" can release the natural, unique musicality in the voice, which can keep a workforce of any size emotionally receptive and engaged.

The Program

All Strategic Use of Voice programs are customized. The program is based on proven stage and vocal techniques that enable the individual to develop a solid and consistent practice for public speaking.  Strategic Use of Voice taps into the authenticity of each participant, guiding them to permanently overcome a variety of phobias common when speaking to audiences as small as 2 or 3 persons, or as large as hundreds.  

Group sizes range from one to five members. Participants will record a two-minute piece of their own choosing. This piece will be re-recorded at the end of the program as a means of charting vocal improvement.  Each two-hour session begins with a relaxation period followed by a warm-up of the articulators and some vocal exercises. Programs range from 6 hours to ten hours. Individual follow up work, such as vocal coaching for specific, important presentations, is also available. In addition, populations from other cultures or languages may form a group to deal with special issues relative to second language usage, and cross-cultural communication commonly articulated within United States business culture. 

Program Topics Include:

  • Scoring the text
  • Oral Interpretation
  • Eye Contact
  • Use of Pauses
  • Openings and Conclusions
  • Understanding and utilizing your strengths as a speaker
  • Public speaking using a second language or within a different cultural context
  • Individual Challenges