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New York Outsider Art Fair

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Daniel Swanigan Snow: Sober Don’t Make Art a solo-exhibition at Outsider Art Fair/ Cathouse FUNeral, booth 33

Sober Don’t Make Art debuts Daniel Swanigan Snow and his sometimes electric, but always eclectic, sculptural assemblage. Daniel Swanigan Snow was born in Pittsburg, PA in 1951. He moved to New York City in the distant, dark days of the 1970’s to pursue acting, finding himself performing mostly in B-movies and Shakespeare, most famously as “Cigar Face” in Lloyd Kaufman’s 80’s cult film classic, The Toxic Avenger. Cathouse FUNeral founding director, David Dixon, who also makes movies, first encountered Mr. Snow as an actor, quickly casting the distinctive Dan Snow in four different roles in only two films. It is fitting that Mr. Dixon finds himself in the position to first expose Snow’s art to the New York scene considering it was soon after they began their work together in film that Mr. Snow feverishly started making art at the age of 54.

Daniel Swanigan Snow’s sculptural assemblage effortlessly evokes the psychologically distraught world of later Isa Genzken and other art world insiders like Kienholz, H.C. Westermann and/or the combines of Robert Rauschenberg. Despite coming to art late, or perhaps because of it, Mr. Snow’s work is created with all the jouissance of a youthful insouciance. The Cathouse booth will feature some of the best pieces from Mr. Snow’s intensive 10-year period of work, beginning with one of his first creations, a pizza box transformed with paint, LED lights and wire, and culminating in the recent ten-foot high, paint-splattered, elegant, thin metal combine reminiscent of both an antenna reaching for outer space and a tall Asante fertility doll. Expect to see a vigorous, transformative material engagement, darkly lit, assembled with sharp social critique and whimsy.

The double feature DVD box set of Dixon’s two films, Unloosened and Root (2006) and David Dixon is dead. (2011) – featuring Dan Snow in four roles as proctologist, campground attendant, art dealer and slave trader – will be available for sale in the Cathouse FUNeral booth along with Mr. Snow’s artwork.

The weekend after the fair, Daniel Swanigan Snow’s Sober Don’t Make Art will be extended beyond the Outsider Art Fair to the Cathouse FUNeral gallery, itself, in Brooklyn, exhibiting more works, including large-scale sculpture. Opening Saturday February 6 through March 12, 2016. For more information contact David Dixon at CathouseFUNeral@gmail.com, or visit CathouseFUNeral.com

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